suduWOK | About
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Our Fresh Approach to Stir Fry

We Rock the Wok

When we were planning our kitchen, we discovered that the equipment we required simply didn’t exist. Because we wouldn’t let that slow us down, we had it custom made. So in other words, we’ve taken a 2,000-year-old stir-fry technique into the Space Age for your dining pleasure and convenience.

Fast as a Falcon

At SuduWOK, state-of-the-art cooking technique meets top-of-their-game cooks for light-ning-quick and remarkably delicious meals. But there’s no taste-compromising shortcuts like microwaving here. Instead, we’ve optimized and reoptimized every step of our process for maximum flavor and efficiency, no matter what you order!

So Fresh You'll Wanna Slap It

It all comes down to the food. We use the freshest and finest ingredients we can find. We freshly prepare those ingredients and stir fry every meal to order. It’s so fresh, you can taste it. It’s so good, you’ll want to come back for more.

Black Belts of the Bowl

It takes much more than an orientation video to work at SuduWOK. It takes speed and skill. It takes a deep understanding of flavors and combinations. It takes the highest standards and the means to reach those standards, and then and only then does somebody become a SuduWOK SuduGuru.

We’re the Wok of the Town

We’re here to stir things up with with fast, flavorful, high quality food with many better-for-you options. Our name is SuduWOK, and we’re your new favorite restaurant experience.